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STAHL USA is dedicated to helping small and mid-sized companies succeed in the Federal Contracting space by providing them with the Channel, guidance, systems, processes and tools to succeed.


We recognize that, up until now, there has been no one place to go to learn about what government Agencies want from companies and a toolkit to develop and put in place what they expect.


We are on a mission to deliver these missing elements.

The STAHL USA PRM Portal is an Operational Excellence System with Modules constructed to provide a Roadmap to success that will help companies better understand where they are right now on their Journey and the tools to get them where they want to go, in an efficient and effective way. 


Our PRM Portal helps companies increase their PWin by providing the tools (e.g., Systems, Processes, Policies, etc.) to

  • put in place needed requirements.

  • develop each company's Maturity Level, so they are viewed as a more trusted vendor and are able to scale-up their company to handle high-volumes of business.

  • help companies better identify best-fit opportunities to pursue.

  • help identify best-fit companies they can team with, to pursue work that they would not be able to do alone.

  • Efficiently market their products and services to Member companies.

Our PRM Portal provides a Tool Box of Journey, Marketing and Branding Tools that help companies more efficiently, effectively and professionally market their company to Agencies, Primes and Sub-Contractors to gain their awareness, consistently drive home their company's unique point of difference and demonstrate that they are a professional, systems and process driven company that can be trusted and can scale-up in a stable, predictable manner, to perform high-volumes of work.

Take some time and review each of our Modules and you will see the depth and breadth of Tools in our PRM Portal.  I believe you will be impressed and see tremendous value in what we are making available to Members (See Below).


Start on your Journey to Success, by joining us now.

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STAHL USA offers three (3) levels of participation in our Channel:

  1. Tier 3   Prime

  2. Tier 2   Sub-Contractor

  3. Tier 1   Incubator

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PRM Portal
Opportunity Wizard

STAHL's Opportunity Wizard is your Data Input, Task Order Opportunity Alert and Interest Registration Center

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PRM Portal
Journey Modules

STAHL's Channel Portal Journey Modules help companies understand the Drivers of Success, and provide the tools necessary to fully optimize revenue across multiple company Journeys.

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PRM Portal
Marketing Modules

STAHL's Channel Portal Marketing Modules help companies more efficiently and effectively market and brand themselves


Proposal Wizard

STAHL's Proposal Wizard ...