STAHL Consulting - a Proven Way to Grow Your Contract Business

Our proven Methodology, that includes People, Process and Technology, has won Billions of Dollars in new business revenue for our clients.  STAHL Consulting will drive your revenue growth, through new Contracts, that increase your ROI.

STAHL establishes exclusive relationships with Mid-Tier and Large-Tier Government Contractors, supported by Small Businesses through our Channels Program, and drives services to win NEW contracts with high strategic and monetary value. We have a documented track record of winning and working in Partnership with PRIMEs and Sub-Contractor Teams to execute our Pre-PMO methodology to win business.  Our Method includes performance-based Relationship Building, Strategy, Marketing, BD, Capture, Proposal Management, and Staff Procurement.

Outsourced "Cost + Performance Fee" Means High ROI For You!


Most proposal efforts are "reactive," resulting in the need to compete based on an RFP on the streets.  Our 24-Month business model gets ahead of new opportunities and develops a winning solution, with Key Personnel and Incumbent Capture done well ahead of any RFP release.  As you can imagine, our increase in PWin  and ROI is tremendous.

  • Agency Relationships Developed

  • Teams Formed

  • Best Value Solutions Developed

  • Pre-RFP Proposals Completed

  • Key Personnel Secured

  • Incumbent Personnel Captured

  • And much more

Because we are "Proactive," our unique business model puts you way ahead of the competition who must "crank out" best-you-can-do proposals in the time allowed as RFPs drop.  Wouldn't you rather spend your time improving your response, integrating win themes, and increasing your PWin?

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