The STAHL Methodology

Infusing professionalism into a Proposal Center of Excellence is key to success. Following a diagnostic Business Development Maturity Assessment, we will establish the pillars of maturity, that include Strategy, Tactics, People, Process, Technology, Training, and Resource Library to build a model that works for your company.

  • Implementing Business Development Maturity Methodology

  • Implementing Account Planning Methodology

  • Implementing Managed Acquisition Response Methodology


1) Implementing Business Development Maturity Methodology

2) Implementing Account Planning Methodology

3) Implementing Managed Acquisition Response Methodology

  • Training: Consistent, repeatable, effective processes are critical to getting ahead of the game. Staff must be proficient in efficient brainstorming, speed writing, graphics conceptualization, professional proposal editing, desktop publishing, and other core skills to produce well-written proposals. Key to preventing burnout is rotation: proposal managers can serve in capture management capacity with slower pace of work to recover, or contribute as a writer instead of running the team. Cross-trained proposal professionals who understand more disciplines in the life cycle of business development will also help improve your proposal quality. Capture-trained proposal managers improve their ability to win proposals, and proposal-trained capture managers run better capture efforts. Therefore, cross-training in foundations and advanced capture and win themes development may be useful for higher retention and win rates. Business Development for Project Personnel is key to turning a workforce into a sales force – serving as valuable sources for new Task Order information, capture, recruitment, teaming, and proposal development.

  • Process: We will enable and manage with a Strategy, Technology, Process workflow and experienced trained people in the business development process, and strategic RoadMap (encapsulating standard operating procedures for business development, capture, and proposals), STAHL Companies employs its proprietary tool set for rapid proposal preparation.

  • Resource and Template Library: We will set up the library of resources for reuse in proposal preparation. Reusable materials such as proposal graphics, model sections and solution brainstorming checklists, past performance library, and other information, easily accessible to the proposal team, helps speed up the process and create a baseline of proposal development excellence.

  • Strategy: Strategy to winning each opportunity is tied to that Agency’s “personality” – each is different. We will develop and capture your win strategy in a customized approach designed for your company and equip our team with the tools in improving your win rate.

  • Technology: We will employ our proprietary toolset for the proposal center, to ensure the team benefits from collaboration, communication, and enabling software that helps develop rapid turnaround proposals.