STAHL Consulting provides regularly scheduled Workshops to update our Channel members on our Strategic and Tactical Plans, along with updates on Customer Centric Software that is either being developed on a proprietary basis or acquired to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of STAHL, Agency and Channel Operations


We also regularly hold Government Buyer Events where our Channel Members can meet Federal Government Buyers handling pipelines of business opportunities that relate directly to them and our Channel's qualifications and past performance.

Below you will find Presentations, Videos and other materials related to recent Workshops and Buyer Events.

Future Events
  • TBD

Past Events


  • November 18 2020 - 2021 Strategic Plan and STAHL BiC-1, LLC (JV)

    • The Tower Club, Tysons, VA

      Video 1 - 2hrs 15 min Click to View Video



  • Topic 1:  Executive Level Strategic Plan & Execution

  • Topic 2:  Strategic Partner Resource Management (PRM)

  • Topic 3:  Corporate Organization (Outsource and Mentorship)

    • Business Growth Model

    • Targeting Agencies

    • Dashboard- Gates 1-3

  • Video 2 - 1hr 15min (Gates 4-5) Click to View Video





  • Topic 4:  Planning, Maturity, Timelines (POAM)

    • Integrated Program Tiger Teams (IPTT)​

    • Accounting, Capacity Planning, Process Timelines & RR

  • Topic 5:  Decision Modules

    • Process Execution & Investment Decision Points​

    • WIP Metrics

    • Opportunity Scorecard

  • Topic 6:  Project Evaluation, Audits and Surveys, and Lessons Learned​


  • Topic 7:  Channel Management​

  • Topic 8: Intake of Strategic Projects

    • Channel Portfolio Management and Marcom​

  • Topic 9:  Enhancements to Business Metrics and Strategic Plan​



Government Buyer Events

  • November 18 2020- Dinner with FEDSIM

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"Based on the way this particular agency operates and connects with small businesses, we would rarely have an opportunity to secure this meeting or connection without Stahl. Understanding the unique needs to the agency was invaluable, in addition to understanding how the agency fits within the framework of the Stahl/JV relationship."

The thing I especially liked about the Event was the "Ability to meet (the) presenter face to face; to provide our 30-second commercial about our perspective companies (for the benefit of presenter and everyone in the room). The most valuable part for me was (the) opportunity to meet other teammates in person which is a good start to building business relationships. I also think that the tailored insights given to the companies as they introduced themselves to (the Government Buyer) were invaluable and probably benefited others as well as myself."


"Our personal and sincere "thanks" to each of you for hosting us at this week's STAHL workshop and dinner at the Palm!  We learned a lot at the workshop and were very impressed to hear the FEDSIM talk during dinner, providing us all with a much more solid vision on way ahead activities, etc.  From my perspective, this type of information was essential and very encouraging.  I will, of course, make myself available in the future to attend these kinds of meetings.  Additionally, I'm glad that my Co-Manager can regularly meet with STAHL personnel to discuss pipeline gap analysis discussions, etc.


Again, thanks to each of you for your kind invitation for us to attend - we appreciate finally meeting you all and are grateful for your continued work, on our behalf, to develop a comprehensive, strategic strategy moving forward..."

"Superb presentation and information. The Government Buyer's authenticity in the value of increasing competition for these contracts is infectious. As suggested, we are going to work with Chris and his team to ensure we'll be ready for proposal responses in the very near future to support the warfighter's immediate needs and future needs. Thanks again for the time and energy!"