1) How satisfied are you with STAHL Consulting’s performance for your company in 2019 on a scale from Excellent to Very Poor?

They are Excellent. We are excited about the BD / proposal development that Chris and his team are doing for us. They were directly responsible for a direct award we received and multiple direct award opportunities that we are currently working on.

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As a small business, hiring STAHL Consulting, Inc. was a major step in helping us build our government business sector. While we can obtain and win small contracts, we are aiming to build our business by securing high dollar contracts that are long-term and sustainable, instead of solely relying on unpredictable, hit-or-miss shotgun proposals to Task Orders. With respect to their PrePMO-BD Process, STAHL has invoked its methodology with excellent focus and discipline, demonstrating their expertise!


Additionally, STAHL has fostered in-depth relationships with Agencies and their buying communities that we do not possess...

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As a small business today looking to formulate a sound strategy for growing our government business, Kevadiya turned to the relational and operational strength of STAHL Consulting and the collaboration of their channel team members. Not only does STAHL have business development experience to leverage and established key relationships within procuring government agencies, but they bring the operational expertise needed for responding and securing these major opportunities.

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