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Training & Certifications Module

Mature your Company Through Credentials, Systems and Processes

Increase your PWin through digital training and certification programs.

The STAHL USA PRM Portal Training & Certifications Module provides education, training and certification programs to help mature your organization, to increase your PWin. This module will help Partners demonstrate that their organization has the credentials, systems and processes in place to be a trusted vendor to pursue large-scale Task Orders and scale-up to handle high volumes of work.

This STAHL USA PRM Portal Module allows users to locate the certifications and training that fits them, at the right time, using automated workflows that curate their resulting experiences. The training and certification process can trigger other actions to improve overall organizational maturity, Agency engagement and sales and service performance.

Track Progress
The STAHL USA PRM Portal Journey Module not only provides the ability to access professional training, but also facilitates testing to confirm competency. As courses are completed and passed, The system can display what has been completed and quickly identify next steps in each training and certification journey.

PRM Portal Journey Module features:
• Locate and access appropriate certification and training modules
• Track progress and results
• Easily publish the status of each certification, course, or lesson
• Customizable portal experiences, based upon individual training progress
• Custom develop certification, course, lesson, and quiz content, using a code-free interface
• Automate expiration of certifications (e.g., after 1-3 years)
• Ability to incorporate Rich Text, PDF upload, or upload/link to video within the course UI