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Program Compliance Manager Module

More Efficiently and Effectively Deliver Timely and Accurate Program Compliance

Take the time, cost, and accuracy headaches out of program outline and compliance for both you and your partners, while also motivating partners to be promoted to the next level.

Channel program compliance focuses on conducting a GAP analysis that can help you improve your business efficiency, your products and services, and your profitability by allowing you to pinpoint “GAPs” present in your company and then utilize the Channel to custom fit experience and core capabilities to the customer’s requirements. Once it’s complete, you’ll be able to better focus your resources and energy on the areas identified to improve them.

Our STAHL USA PRM Portal's Program Compliance Manager (PCM) automates company tier requirements to calculate and correctly assign tier members to every qualifying partner, based on the GAP evaluation cycles established by the lead Prime contractor’s users. Criteria and requirements for each tier, established by users, are clearly displayed to partners, so each knows where they currently stand, their qualified benefits and Workshare, as well as the requirements needed to move to the next tier level and the benefits of moving up.

STAHL USA PRM Portal PCM administers and automates strategic partner tiering to ensure greater compliance, while greatly reducing administration time.

STAHL USA PRM Portal's Program Compliance Manager (PCM) Features:
• Significantly improves your partner ecosystem, by easily managing and communicating your Channel's program compliance requirements to each partner and stakeholder in Tiers 1-3.
• Partners see their current tier status and benefits, and can clearly see and understand requirements needed to reach the next tier level
• Builds unique tier structures, based on program type and region
• Program compliance is more accessible for smaller programs
• Establishes timeframes for actions and evaluation cycles to signal when key criteria data should be reviewed for promotion
• View which accounts and how many are in each tier, their previous tier assignments, and when their status changed