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Partner Onboarding Module

Provide Your Company Profile Information to Set Your Compass

Detailed company and individual information is input that serves as a Compass for STAHL to locate "Best Fit" Opportunities that match a Partner's Past Performance and Resume profile.

Partners input detailed individual employee and company information that includes their industry focus, NAICS, past performance, CPARS, credentials, clearances and more that establishes an evidence-based compass to locate Federal Government Task Orders that are a Best Fit for our Partners.

STAHL employs a proven, five-stage-gate vetting and Gapping process to identify high PWin opportunities that fit Channel Partners, aggregating Partners into appropriate Teams to provide comprehensive solutions to the Agencies we serve. The process starts with comprehensive knowledge of our Partners' proven capabilities and capacities, which is then followed by our Primary Research on upcoming opportunities to select opportunities where our Channel can develop and deliver superior, best-value, solutions, resulting in high PWins.