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Partner Locator Module

Accurately and Easily Locate Best-Fit Channel Partners

With STAHL USA PRM Portal Partner Locator Module, users can easily and accurately find best-fit partners for an opportunity. Our easy-to-use search engine lets you locate best-fit partners, based upon multiple selection criteria.

Not just a basic search tool, it seamlessly integrates to the PRM PCM’s GAP and Fit feature for improving PWins.

The STAHL USA PRM Portal PRM Partner Locator is the most advanced tool for selecting best-fit partners. It allows users to easily search for partners, based upon all of the aspects tracked in the PRM Portal, such as Product and Service Specialization, NAICS Code, Adjacency, Previous Performance, Certifications, Clearances, etc. Search results appear in a familiar list view with the option to click to view full company listing details. Partners have the ability to communicate directly with selected partners in real time.

With the STAHL USA Channel Portal Partner Locator Module, end users can search by:
• Product or Service Specialty
• NAICS Codes
• Past Performance
• Adjacency
• Certifications
• Clearances
• .and more

Partner analysis will help better select best-fit Partners to form teams and then use this information to help determine which opportunities are the best to pursue, based upon PWin calculations on individual opportunities.