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Opportunity Management Module

Drive Your Marketing, Sales and ROI

STAHL USA PRM Portal's Lead Management Module helps drive your marketing efforts.

Users are in control of their marketing and sales process. Opportunities are delivered with a time-frame included, so a user can respond in a timely manner. Deal progress, retirement of leads or re-assignment is tracked and provided. It’s easy to track closure rates, campaign-related ROI and enable lead delegation from a user’s CRM.

The Opportunity dashboard brings visibility to progress, with real-time updates, and any updates and changes to each Opportunity.

The STAHL USA PRM Portal's Opportunities Management Module includes:
• Opportunity management
• Opportunity distribution
• Opportunity expiry
• Opportunity sharing
• Delegated Opportunity administration
• Analytics, so users can track closure rates, determine the average time to closure, track campaign-related ROI, and more