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Journey Management Module

Understand the Drivers of your Success across each Journey

Users now have the tools in place to fully optimize their revenue.

STAHL USA PRM Portal's Journey Management Module moves beyond transactions to automate a user’s Journey and experience, so they can better understand and reward behaviors that determine success. Users are able to store their Journeys at every stage of each Journey, helping reduce variation to improve predictability and positive outcomes.

The STAHL USA PRM Portal's Journey Management Module helps guide users through the behaviors and experiences that drive each dollar of revenue.

Our PRM Portal's Journey Management Module provides an easy-to-use, scalable, repeatable method of automating each Journey to help deliver consistent, predictable results. The simple, linear, intuitive interface is designed for Managers, not IT, to put Journey control into the hands of those that drive the business strategically and tactically.

Decision Makers and Practitioners are able to know what next steps are expected of them, along with full reporting on the progress of each step, within every dynamic Journey.

Key Journey Management features:
• Create multiple Journeys and assign workflows to single or multiple users.
• Each Journey consists of Phases with individual Activities. Each Phase has a specified timeframe for the completion of activities.
• Dashboards display breakdowns of data, such as Journeys assigned, in progress, and/or completed.
• Users observe their progress on assigned Journeys from their portal view.
• Triggered internal or company-wide, focused notifications on assignment, completion, or if falling behind.