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Channel Intel+ Module

Create Actionable and Crucial Insights Into Your Performance Through Unlimited Visuals and Reports

STAHL USA PRM Portal's Business Intelligence (BI) engine combines with STAHL USA PRM Portal's Channel Intelligence Module (PCIM) to identify which actions drive revenue and what makes one profitable.

Managers want to understand what really matters and what actions drive revenue and profit. They want to know what is the perfect combination of activities and actions that lead to consistent success and the ability to more efficiently and effectively grow the business. STAHL USA PRM Portal's Channel Intelligence System (PCIM) provides the answers to these questions.

STAHL USA PRM Portal supports knowledge utilization through the ability to create personalized visuals and dashboards, based upon any data points collected in the STAHL USA PRM Portal. These visuals can be easily built and organized into specific reports. They can include images, text, links and more. Importantly, users can schedule their reports to run at specified intervals and automate sending them to pertinent parties.

Key features of the STAHL USA PRM Portal PCIM include the ability to:
• Create unlimited visuals to enhance out-of-the-box dashboards
• Organize visuals into personalized dashboards
• Schedule and share reports to stakeholders
• Easily drag and drop data points to create custom dashboards and reports