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Co-Branded Collateral Module

Extend Your Marketing Reach with Co-Branded Content by Customizing Content That Includes Your Logo

Automated co-branded collateral is especially effective for users that don’t have marketing teams of their own. Users are empowered to increase their marketing content and messaging by allowing them to add their logo and contact information to published content, with just a few clicks.

Users can simply visit the PRM Portal, upload their logo and contact information, and the STAHL USA PRM Portal will automatically produce co-branded, professional quality artwork to use as leave-behinds, datasheets, product brochures, competitive guides, web banners and more.

We know it’s important to make it easy for companies to increase their messaging to prospects. Our technology instantly scans and detects images and text in collateral materials. Within minutes, collateral is ready to be customized, removing dependence on professional services teams that increase timelines and expenses.