Count Down - Prior to (RFP) Release -Planning 9 Months Prior to RFP- “The STAHL Consulting-Model”

Since 1987, STAHL has been transforming government procurement solutions and service methods. Our unique platform and business model set the standard for strategic sourcing, utilizing best practices, processes, and technology.

Generally, Business Development and Marketing firms have little to no success in generating revenue with Government customers, as most companies do not precede their RFP efforts with processes that work with Government POAM to drive the TTM RFP response efforts, in tandem with their customers' Marketing and Business Development processes. As a result, they are unable to deliver an effective ROI model with favorable outcomes, as they might in the commercial market.

STAHL Consulting delivers a proven, highly qualified, and specialized professional services team of experts in Marketing, Business Development, Capture, Proposal Development, SME and critical personnel recruitment. We are skilled in crosscutting measures in response to management’s need for optimizing their Marketing, Business Development, Account Sales, Recruiting, and Transitional Operations that significantly increase the probability of wins (Pwin), resulting in higher revenue gains, company value, and larger ROI rebounds.

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Above is a representation of our Model Services and Processes.

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