State of Supply Chain Security

Thought leadership Luncheon: G4i / STAHL Companies participated as a thought leader in the latest discussion around the “State of IT Supply Chain Security” led by the Government Executive Media Group.

The supply chain, your organization relies on to deliver IT systems and tools, is at risk. New technologies - while helpful for your organization - have made IT supply chains increasingly diverse and decentralized, leaving them more vulnerable to threats.

Top technical thinkers of government, academia, Silicon Valley and beyond discussed hot security topics that included important issues like:

-> The result of a survey of federal influencers that the Government Business Council conducted concerning the current types of threats the IT supply chain face, both adversarial and not.

-> Strategies gencies can employ to enhance the security of their supply chains

-> Levels of confidence pertaining to organizational preparedness to manage supply chain risks.

“The Government Executive forum yesterday was free flowing and highly valuable – there was an impressive brain trust of attendees at the round table.” Corey Stahl, STAHL Companies

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