What CEO's Are Missing, When Management Is Not Performing!

Too often, marketers are directed to spend their time managing a lot of things where the impact on the sales cycle is incredibly hard to see by management, but not hard to measure with proper processes and performance measurements. These are defined as Key Performance Areas and Key Performance Indicators (KPA’s, KPI’s). STAHL Consulting’s methodology adjusts for a mix of an investment- to-risk ratio, tied to our response to the RFP and Timeline to Market (TTM), with customizable investment decision-Gate-processes. Our methodology is designed to map directly to the Government’s opportunity plan-of-action and timeline management (POAM). Our method brings complete accountability and visibility directly in line with the opportunity pursuit, customer campaign process and release of the Request for Proposal (RFP). The resulting measurements and Decision-Gates produce reports that are accurate and outcomes surrounding your Positioning, Pursuit and Production are in line with Pwin (Probability to Win) and ROI goals.

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