Below are Podcasts where you can learn more about what STAHL provides Channel Members and the benefits of being in our Channel

Schedule 70/MAS Schedule Mgt

STAHL Consulting helps its Channel Members better manage their Schedules and obtain profitable Awards from their Schedules.

Sch 70 1-13-21Chris Stahl
00:00 / 22:03

Servicing a Prime Company

STAHL Consulting provides a full range of BD, Capture and Program Management services to companies that are Priming a Federal government Vehicle, like STARS III.

Servicing a Prime Company 1-12-21
00:00 / 31:46

STAHL Channels- Video 1 (2hrs 15min)

Learn about how STAHL services its Channel through Gates 1-3.

  • Topic 1:  Executive Level Strategic Plan & Execution

  • Topic 2:  Strategic Partner Resource Management (PRM)

  • Topic 3:  Corporate Organization (Outsource and Mentorship)

    • Business Growth Model

    • Targeting Agencies

    • Dashboard- Gates 1-3

STAHL Channels- Video 2 (1hr 15min)

Learn about how STAHL services its Channel through Gates 4-5.

  • Topic 4:  Planning, Maturity, Timelines (POAM)

    • Integrated Program Tiger Teams (IPTT)​

    • Accounting, Capacity Planning, Process Timelines & RR

  • Topic 5:  Decision Modules

    • Process Execution & Investment Decision Points​

    • WIP Metrics

    • Opportunity Scorecard

  • Topic 6:  Project Evaluation, Audits and Surveys, and Lessons Learned​


  • Topic 7:  Channel Management​

  • Topic 8: Intake of Strategic Projects

    • Channel Portfolio Management and Marcom​

  • Topic 9:  Enhancements to Business Metrics and Strategic Plan​

Operationalizing MITRE ATT&CK with Michael Jenks COO Adapt Forward

Learn how STAHL Channels Team Vista has redefined how computer network defense is performed throughout the DoD.  By blending offensive and defensive skillsets, Team Vista has created a Purple Team hunt capability that results in a proven defensive security posture that continually enhances itself. 


Team Vista’s MITRE ATTACK Framework

  • Presents a “kill chain” framework to guide targeted capability investments, measure effective coverage, overall effectiveness, and portfolio rationalization

  • Informs decisions on Capability necessity, suitability, adequacy, priority, and identifies unnecessary overlaps

Team Vista has performed cyber security for the Federal Government since 1998, specifically in support of the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. We have Unique expertise in building and certifying Computer Network Defense (CND) / Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) and Cyber Red Team capabilities. 

Operationalizing MITRE ATT&CK with Micha