Below are Podcasts where you can learn more about what STAHL provides Channel Members and the benefits of being in our Channel

Schedule 70/MAS Schedule Mgt

STAHL Consulting helps its Channel Members better manage their Schedules and obtain profitable Awards from their Schedules.

Sch 70 1-13-21Chris Stahl
00:00 / 22:03

Servicing a Prime Company

STAHL Consulting provides a full range of BD, Capture and Program Management services to companies that are Priming a Federal government Vehicle, like STARS III.

Servicing a Prime Company 1-12-21
00:00 / 31:46

STAHL Channels- Video 1 (2hrs 15min)

Learn about how STAHL services its Channel through Gates 1-3.

  • Topic 1:  Executive Level Strategic Plan & Execution

  • Topic 2:  Strategic Partner Resource Management (PRM)

  • Topic 3:  Corporate Organization (Outsource and Mentorship)

    • Business Growth Model

    • Targeting Agencies

    • Dashboard- Gates 1-3

STAHL Channels- Video 2 (1hr 15min)

Learn about how STAHL services its Channel through Gates 4-5.

  • Topic 4:  Planning, Maturity, Timelines (POAM)

    • Integrated Program Tiger Teams (IPTT)​

    • Accounting, Capacity Planning, Process Timelines & RR

  • Topic 5:  Decision Modules

    • Process Execution & Investment Decision Points​

    • WIP Metrics

    • Opportunity Scorecard

  • Topic 6:  Project Evaluation, Audits and Surveys, and Lessons Learned​


  • Topic 7:  Channel Management​

  • Topic 8: Intake of Strategic Projects

    • Channel Portfolio Management and Marcom​

  • Topic 9:  Enhancements to Business Metrics and Strategic Plan​

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