$5-15B Computer Systems Design Services GWAC




We are pursuing this $5-15B GWAC.

The Polaris Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is a five (5) year base period, with one, five (5) year option, family of Multiple Award, Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contracts to provide customized Information Technology (IT) services and IT services-based solutions. The principal nature of any resulting task order procurement must be for IT services; however, ancillary support may be included when it is integral to and necessary for the IT services-based effort. The Contractor shall provide all management, supervision, labor, facilities and materials necessary to perform on a task order basis.

Polaris will be GSA’s new, small business GWAC, enabling the federal government to obtain customized IT solutions from highly qualified small businesses. The Master Contract provides IT services in support of the services performed in the Federal Government. The Contractor should approach agency Task Order requirements with technical proposals offering innovative solutions that leverage the flexibility provided by the Master Contract. Emerging Technologies

Contractors are encouraged to propose innovative solutions when responding to Task Order requests. This includes utilization of the emerging technologies referenced below, which can be provided as standalone concepts or applied to the performance areas. Technologies that are currently developing, or developed in the future, are considered in scope. Examples of Emerging Technology services include, but are not limited to the following:
• Advanced and Quantum Computing
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Automation Technology
• Distributed Ledger Technology
• Edge Computing
• Immersive Technology

The main performance areas are:
• Cloud Services
• Cybersecurity
• Data Management
• Information and Communications Technologies
• IT Operations and Maintenance,
• Software Development
• System Design

The Polaris GWAC is composed of three pools based on size and socioeconomic status.
• Small Business (SB) Pool
• HUBZone Small Business (HUBZone) Pool
• Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) Pool

We are currently recruiting Channel Members for this Team and would like to invite you to join our BiC-1 JV of Companies to participate in Task Orders in this GWAQ.

We have other Government Vehicles, and independent RFQs, available to Channel Members. We work closely with specific, Agency PMs and Buying Offices to obtain large-scale awards (e.g., $20M+), as the Manager of the BiC-1 JV that provides a Best-in-Class Team of small, IT companies to perform the work. STAHL also serves Teams for other Vehicles and independent TOs that are available to Channel Members, including: ITES-3S, CIO-SP3, FEDSIM, NRC and other Agencies.


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SBA Certified Small Businesses helping each other succeed!


Most small companies lack the relationships, breadth and depth of capabilities, capacities and maturity in systems and processes to be competitive with larger companies.  Growth tends to be slow and wins tend to be small and tough to come by.  More often than naught, they are competing on price and not best value, leading to low profitability that risks long-term business sustainability.


Combine diverse capabilities, capacities and financial strength, across a Team of companies, to emulate what larger organizations provide.  Working together, a Team of small companies can aggressively increase their opportunities both in number and scale to deliver sustainable, profitable, large-scale, long-term growth. 

Our STAHL Family Team of Companies is like a Baseball or Soccer Team that works together to win games, not just one game, but many games throughout a season and over time. We market our Team as a consistent Brand that Government Agencies can trust as a Go-To solutions provider, with comprehensive, BIC, capabilities and capacities supported by consistent, systematic processes.

How STAHL Consulting Supports the Team:

STAHL Consulting serves as the Team Administrator for PrePMO services that encompass integrated marketing, proposal, project and process management, that includes:

  • Building and maintaining ongoing business relationships with Agencies and their decision makers.

  • Driving new business to the Team.

    • Identifying Agency pain-points and needs.

    • Presenting to Agencies integrated, improved solutions that better serve their needs and help them move forward.

    • Putting our Team Members front and center to Agencies, so Agencies know them, understand the benefits of using them and trust them.

    • Marketing the Team and its capabilities through systematic, marketing campaigns, events, etc.

  • Utilizing in-house Market Intelligence Systems to identify future Task Orders that fit our Teams’ capabilities and Team Member goals.

  • Utilizing in-house Project Management Systems to precisely and quantitatively Vette/Gap Team Members within Teams, across Teams and to individual Task Orders.

  • Alerting Team Members of opportunities that fit their qualifications.

  • Advising and coordinating Team Member participation on Task Orders, using evidence-based, systematic, quantitative, approaches.

  • Conducting Competitive Analysis

  • Writing quality proposals and determining competitive pricing.

  • Continually locating and recruiting qualified personnel to staff contracts

  • Delivering high award rates (average 33%) through proven, systematic, vetting and stage-gate processes.

  • Providing transition services on roll-over contracts, including locating qualified personnel on an on-going basis, supported by our Team Members, to fully staff Awards, when awarded and throughout each’s contract life.  This can be more than a hundred staff members, on a single contract.

  • Providing Team oversight to consistently ensure quality and timely delivery on Task Orders, so STAHL’s Teams are seen as Trusted resources.

  • Supporting what we do with a variety of proprietary software to manage the entire process.

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