Government Support Services

STAHL Consulting has proven to be agile and responsive in today’s highly dynamic environment. Our expert staff’s distinctive blend of knowledge and hands-on experience allows us to provide comprehensive and innovative approaches to our customers’ most challenging issues.  All advisory and consulting services provided by us fall under Program Management, SETA (Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance), A&AS (Advisory and Assistance Services), and CAAS (Contract Advisory and Assistance Services) in the following service areas:

  • Pre-Solicitation Acquisition Support: Our expertise cuts across government and industry, so we provide government leaders with unique insights from having worked in all phases of the acquisition lifecycle – from acquisition planning, market analysis and requirements management, through RFP development, source selection, price analysis, earned value management, award and post-award administration - to ensure the best products and services are offered to our customers.


The rapid pace of innovation in IT, ongoing fiscal constraints and the dynamic regulatory environment, all contribute to the pressures of choosing the right acquisition strategy. Effective pre-acquisition planning is the key to a successful acquisition. STAHL’s staff are experts at crafting solicitations using innovative, acquisition approaches to both reduce time to award and acquisition costs. STAHL’s trained staff provide support in the development of requirements and business cases needed to validate the acquisition plan. As a part of this service, our staff plan and perform market analyses and independent cost assessments to evaluate and capture industry best practices and identify necessary resources to acquire needed products and services. We are experts in developing comprehensive acquisition artifacts, which foster the release of comprehensive solicitation packages, thorough proposal evaluation and successful award.


  • Solicitation and Evaluation Support: STAHL provides full source selection support to ensure competitive, negotiated contracting is performed to select the proposal expected to result in the best value to the Government. Our expertise in developing and coordinating a comprehensive source selection plan and schedule, as well as establishing appropriate evaluation criteria, is critical to ensuring the process is well understood by both the potential offerors and the government evaluation team. As trusted advisors, our staff assists in the development of the technical portions of source selection plans and in the technical evaluation of bidders, all while maintaining the integrity of the procurement in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Also, experts in cost assessment, our staff can augment the government in assessing the realism, reasonableness, and completeness of bidder proposals to minimize risk and ensure best value is considered.


  • Post-Award Support: After contract award, STAHL becomes the government’s strategic advisor/partner for driving innovation and improvements to mission performance outcomes. This part of the process involves two key areas: administering contract requirements and managing the relationships and expectations of both the contractor and customer for meeting the contract terms and achieving the required mission performance results and efficiencies.

  • End-to-End Acquisition Process Support: In today’s dynamic and budget-constrained environment, our customers are increasingly in need of end-to-end acquisition support from requirements development through acquisition award and ongoing management of major programs. STAHL is an established leader in assisting our government clients to best achieve their acquisition and program goals. In short, we help our clients successfully award, manage, and closeout their contracts — a life cycle approach — from beginning to end.


Our acquisition experts have decades of acquisition experience and bring practical understanding of how to plan and execute effective, acquisition strategies that achieve agency objectives. We enable agencies to get their requirements right at the beginning of the acquisition process and establish effective monitoring techniques to ensure program success.


  • Business Advisory & Assistance Services: Running a government organization or successful business is not easy. STAHL’s expert consultants can help your organization take it to the next level. We provide superior expertise in many business areas, including:

    • Business Planning & Forecasting

    • Business Benchmarking & Performance Assessment

    • Business Process Re-engineering & Management

    • Program Planning & Evaluation

    • Business Process Governance & Compliance

  • Technical Advisory & Assistance Services: Technical Advisory & Assistance Services represent the core business of STAHL Consulting, providing new technology planning and assessment, domain expertise, implementation support and oversight, and operations support. STAHL offers a broad range of highly skilled staff that provide subject matter expertise, along with technical and programmatic consulting services related to planning, scheduling, budgeting, assessment, design, implementation, testing and verification of technical services.  This include:

    • New Technology Planning & Assessment

    • Technical Domain Expertise

    • Implementation Support & Oversight

    • Operations Support

  • Strategic Advisory & Assistance Services: Government organizations are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate goals and objectives. STAHL’s expert consultants can help your organization define and execute short term and long goals and objectives, encompassing:

    • Strategic Planning and Execution

    • Process Facilitation

    • Market Analysis and Evaluation

    • Resource and Forecast Planning

    • Consensus Building

    • Risk Mitigation and Management

    • Scenario Planning and Formulation

    • Strategic Communications

  • Transformative Change Services: Since our founding in 2003, responsive and results-oriented transformations are key aspects of what we provide at STAHL Consulting. While transformation can take on many forms and levels of complexities, our primary goal is to work in partnership with our customers to design and deliver strategies and processes that improve performance, efficiencies, capabilities, and problem solving.  Provided are:

    • Organizational Business and Functional Analysis

    • Transformative Change

      • Assessment

      • Planning

      • Shaping

      • Implementing

      • Sustainment


We take great pride in working in a team environment with the customer and our industry partners to deliver effective and cost-efficient strategic and tactical solutions.