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Functional Areas

Information and Data Management Services:
• Medical Administrate & Management Support
• Program Management
• Database Systems Engineering and Management
• Document Tracking Distribution
• Data Center Administration and Management
• IT & Information Security
• Data Processing, Research and Analysis
• IT Service Desk Support for Tier I, II, III

Professional Services:
• Recruiting
• Program Management and Documentation
• Technical Writing and Documentation
• Financial Management, Accounting and Contracting
• Human Resource Support
• Legal Support Services and Case Preparation
• Provide Secure Data Privacy regulation Support

Logistics Support
• Facilities Planning & Support
• Supply Chain Management
• Logistics Planning and Program Management

Technical Services:
• Research & Development
• Systems Engineering
• Enterprise Architecture
• Network Operations Management (NetOps)
• Systems Administration
• Help Desk Management/Support
* Desktop Computer Support
* Application Development
* Software Application Lifecycle
* Desktop
* Web

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