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Rigil Corporation

Functional Areas

IT Modernization and Legacy Support
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• Mobile Applications Development and Management
• Big data analysis/Data Science
• DevOps/DevSecOps
• Cloud migration and management
• Infrastructure management and services including 24/7 help desk
• Process and system analysis, improvement, and optimization
• Support for legacy, new, and evolving technologies

Government FinTech
• iViews™: Custom enterprise financial planning solution
• Budget management systems
• Accounts payable systems
• Invoice processing and related technologies
• Enterprise architecture and inventory portfolio management
• Capital Planning and Investment Control services (EVM, TBM, FITARA)
• Acquisitions and contract management support

• Governance, policy, compliance, and planning
• Assessment and authorization
• Audit, reporting, and Pen Test
• Operations and engineering (CSOC SIEM)
• Risk and vulnerability management
• Identity, access, and credentials
• InfoSec, data protection, and privacy
• Data loss protection

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