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QVine Corporation

Functional Areas

QVine Consultants possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide services to our customers in the following areas:

• Solutions Architecture – responsible for managing an organization’s cloud computing architecture. They have in-depth knowledge of the architectural principles and services used to develop technical cloud strategy, assist with cloud migration efforts, review workload architectures, and provide guidance on how to address high-risk issues.
• Software Development – experience with design and development of software applications, performing coding, debugging, testing and troubleshooting throughout the development process.
• Application Integration – experience in developing and implementing solutions for integrating applications across the enterprise or its units/departments. Expertise in evaluating existing components or systems to determine integration requirements and ensuring final solutions meet organizational needs.
• SysOps Administration – responsible for deploying, managing, and operating various required systems on the given platform. Experience in configuring cloud management services in the organization, and in managing and monitoring numerous the cloud services involved.
• DevOps Engineering – experience in designing and developing automation to support continuous delivery and continuous integration processes.
• Data Analytics – experience delivering actionable business insights customers can use to transform their businesses. Experience identifying business trends and problems through complex big data analysis. Able to interpret results from multiple sources using a variety of techniques, ranging from simple data aggregation via statistical analysis to complex data mining.
• Data Platform – experience with data solutions in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Experience designing, developing, and implementing the most valuable business data solutions for the organization. Experience preparing big data, implementing data models, and developing databases to support the business solutions.

In addition, QVine creates and delivers turn-key customized software solutions using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This service model enables ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to your customized Soar SaaS solution:

• On-Demand Self-Service. Enables customers to unilaterally provision the use of the software
• Broad Network Access. Users can access the solution using standard devices such as browsers, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and workstations
• Resource Pooling. Can be configured to serve multiple consumers with a multi-tenant model while keeping each tenant’s data isolated and inaccessible to other tenants
• Rapid Elasticity. Can be elastically automatically provisioned and released to scale rapidly outward and inward commensurate with demand
• Measured Service. Offered under a pay-as-you-go, pay-for-what-you-use consumption model for a monthly fixed price

QVine also provides the following support as part of a Soar SaaS solution at no additional cost:
• Assembly and configuration of Soar to meet the specified customer requirements
• Acceptance testing
• Information assurance and security accreditation
• Deployment to customer specified cloud environment
• Operations and maintenance
• Monitoring and reporting
• Updates and fixes to the Soar software
• Enhancements to ordered modules within scope of the original requirements specification
• User training
• User engagement and outreach
• Service Desk and user support

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