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Functional Areas

Kevadiya Application Framework

Kevadiya Application Framework (KAF) is a custom application development environment which expedites the development of government software projects critical to the processes necessary for certification of Authority to Operate (ATO). Kevadiya has allocated significant time and resources in developing the Kevadiya Application Framework, a modular and re-usable architecture approach to software and application development.

Kevadiya Services Portfolio

Kevadiya Inc. has a deep and rich history as a professional IT Services leader. Founded in 2008, Kevadiya, working together in collaboration with our clients, has supported and delivered innovative and industry leading solutions. Whether your need is for development of a new solution, supplementing your IT and Developer resources, building mobile or embedded applications, or just looking for infrastructure support, Kevadiya has the technical knowledge and resources to support all your needs.

Custom Software

Kevadiya Inc. works with clients to supplement and compliment their Software Development and IT teams, either in direct collaboration or standalone, working from client specifications. So whether you’re developing in C, Pearl, Ruby on Rails, Java, .Net or some other environment, Kevadiya is armed with the most advances theories in algorithm development and uses the latest software, no matter your requirements.

Mobile Applications

From eCommerce, to productivity tools, to GIS mapping and navigation, Kevadiya has built applications for multiple environments and use. Mobility today provides the platform for innovation and connectivity, and Kevadiya’s experience can assist you getting to the forefront of this expansive frontier.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the horizon of future innovation and presents a greater need for embedded intelligence and communications within the “Things”. Whether a single mode operation or machine-to-machine interaction, Kevadiya’s experience spans across multiple applications, in multiple industries.

Web Enablement

The growth of the web is expediential. Whether your use is for establishing a presence for your organization, creating e-forms or authentication e-signatures, conducting e-commerce, or migrating legacy computer environment to the cloud, Web-Based and Web-Enabled Kevadiya has the “Web Savviness” to take any complex requirements into a professionally optimized, web enabled, cloud solution built within your environment or hosted by us.

Hosting Services

Today’s computing environment is a virtual seesaw of changing requirements. Organization's today need flexibility, dependability, and scalability for changing server horsepower, storage, and availability all in a highly secure cloud environment. Kevadiya has the hands-on experience in Cloud Computing to select and leverage the best in industry practices. Kevadiya is continuously among the technical leaders, and our innovations for hardware, storage services, migration, integration, optimization, security, and privacy and policy management is second to none.

Support & Training

Kevadiya’s diversity in development platforms and its relationship with university and research organizations provides a foundation for the knowledge base it employs. With this facilitated expertise, Kevadiya can support multiple technology environments. Kevadiya, too, can structure training program to meet your organization's technology needs. Whether in support of current applications, training new and advance technical topics or training on development best practices, Kevadiya delivers through classroom or e-learning to meet your requirements.

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