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Global Tunnels

Functional Areas

Customizable Application Programming Service (CAPS)
Global Tunnels developed and currently operates a comprehensive government project management and financial system to handle daily budget and acquisition operation for our client. The product connects program management with financial management information and activities throughout the client’s business process, creating a single strategic view of resource status and availability.
Global Tunnels implemented a data quality assurance framework to cover aspects of data quality for administrative, financial, scientific and transactional processes, which serve its purpose in a given context. Those aspects are accuracy, completeness, reliability, timeliness, relevance, and presentation quality. Moreover, the framework includes security requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability

Amazon Cloud IT Infrastructure as A Services (IaaS)
Global Tunnels provided government onsite infrastructure support service for a decade. Global Tunnels had extensive experience with federal government IT practices, such as network technology standards, enterprise architectures, security audits, system interaction and data center management.
This service provides its customers with comprehensive Amazon Cloud IT infrastructure services for Government client. This service covers FedRamp requirements for Amazon Cloud service. Global Tunnels employs a wide range of modern information technology in delivering these services. Global Tunnels has dynamic team with extensive experience in efficiently providing IT solutions.

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