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EIS Services

Functional Areas


• Enterprise Architecture
• Information Assurance
• Help Desk Services
• Data Analytics
• Systems Administration
• Medical Systems Programming
• Web and Database Programming
• Client Support Administration
• Clinical Application Development and Testing
• Audiovisual (AV) Support

• Predictive Analytics
• Business Intelligence
• Development and Support of Clinical Registries
• Translation and Migration of Large Legacy Data Sources and Databases to the Enterprise
• Data Discovery and Research Activities
– Development of De-identified Data Sets and Reports for Health Statistics
– Use of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics Techniques
– Research Consultation

Certified Laboratory Support Services
• Medical Laboratory Support
• Specimen Processing and Analysis
• Medical and Clinical Research Testing and Analysis

Direct Health Care Provider (DHCP) Medical Services
• Credentialed Health Care Providers
• Certified and Licensed Registered Nurses
• Board Certified Behavior Analysts
• Clinical Pharmacists

Engineering and Technical Support Services
• Statistical Analysis Data Interpretation
• Scientific Literature Research and Review
• Operations and Maintenance of Simulators

Medical Clinical Support Services
• Medical Judgment, Diagnosis, Examinations, and Specific Medical Treatments
• Hyperbaric Medicine, Aeromedical and Occupational Medicine
• Clinical Research Studies and Clinical Medical Support
• Psychiatric/Psychological Examinations, Interviews, Diagnoses, and Treatment
• Radiology Technician Services

• Medical Logistics Support
• Inventory Management Support
• Acquisition and Distribution
• Accountability and Maintenance

Medical Training Support
• Medical Training Oversight
• Medical Readiness Training
• Medical Deployment Preparation

Program Management
• Project Management
• Administrative Support
• Financial Management and Analysis
• Technical Writing

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