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Bravo Tango

Functional Areas

Bravo Tango provides a wide range of services.

Core Intelligence Solutions:
o Intelligence Analysis
o Intelligence Operations Support
o Intelligence Collection Support
o Targeting Support
o Signal Intelligence
o Geospatial Intelligence Support
o Counterintelligence
o Human Intelligence (Debriefer)

Core Operations Solutions:
o Readiness
o Management Consulting
o Nation Capability Enhancement
o Strategic Planning
o Special Operations Support
o Port and Terminal Operations
o Homeland Security
o Continuity of Operations (COOP)
o Linguist Support
o Disaster Preparedness and Response
o Training/Curriculum Development
o Emergency Planning/Preparedness
o Exercise Support
o Facilities Support
o Crisis Management
o Risk Management
o Professional Support Services

Core Assurance Solutions:
o Corporate Espionage/Counterintelligence
o Cyber Security
o Threat/Vulnerability Assessments
o Insider Threat
o Biometrics Identity
o Information Assurance
o IT Solutions

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