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Advanced Simulation Research, Inc.

Functional Areas

AI Systems for Defense and Commercial Use

Training & Test Suite for AI Systems
As with people, the intelligence and adaptability of an AI system is directly related to how well it is trained for the task, and how much experience it has. ASRI has developed AI training and validation tools for machine learning (ML) to:
• Automatically develop customized training material
• Rapidly train the AI neural network with volumes of experience
• Validate the AI behavior in varying simulated conditions
• Refine and enhance the behavior as needed with additional training

Embedded AI Systems
Powerful AI systems in a very small package that can be utilized individually or combined in clusters for even greater performance, and deployed on platforms of various sizes.
Applications have many possibilities based on the type of AI training selected.
• Scalable, Embedded Hardware with Interface Standards
• Live Sensing, Real-time Processing, and Onboard Exploitation
• AI-based Analysis Customized through ML Training
Application and Analysis Options:
• SIMITAR: System for Improved Multi-INT Target Acquisition and Recognition. AI-based Search, Detection and Classification for ISR
• Autonomous Control Systems
• Area Monitoring and Threat Detection for First Responders and Facilities
• New Applications that Require Recognition and Reaction on a Small Platform (ex. a self-guiding system for the handicapped).
• Design, Development, Integration, and Test Support (Air or Ground)
• Product Life Cycle Support with Upward Migration Path

AI Feedback Display with 3D Awareness
Providing live automated AI-based analysis on a moving or stationary platform, or massive dataset analysis on a server. Sensor data and analysis results are intuitively displayed for the operator.
• Simultaneous Use of Multiple Sensor Modalities
• Automatic Conversion of Sensor Data to 3D Virtual Scenes for:
-Live Situational Awareness
-Automated Attention Guidance to Reduce Workload

AI Systems for UAS Remote Pilot Assist
Tested with UAV Pilots using multiple simulated collision events.
Proven to increase pilot performance and reduce workload.
• Automated Collision Avoidance for Remotely Piloted UAS
• Remote Pilot Tactical Control Station 2D/3D Enhancement
• Radar and ADS-B based Aircraft Intercept Prediction
• Automated Recommendations of Maneuvers for Collision Avoidance

Simulation and Training Systems and Services

3D Simulation for Training
Our staff has extensive experience in visual simulation ranging from legacy systems to the latest innovations. Over the years, we have worked with many large and small companies to deploy a variety of training platforms. This experience includes:
• Trainees: Human or Autonomous Systems (Hardware-in-the-Loop)
• Platforms: Fixed/Rotary wing, Tank, Car, Space Shuttle
• Domains: Space, Air, Sea, and Ground (urban/rural)
• Configurations: Simulated Cockpit, Actual Vehicle Appended, Wearable
• Modes: Visual and Sensor Scenes
• Environments: Day/Night and Weather Conditions
• Integration: Half/Full Dome Displays, Motion Platforms, CIGI
• Interaction:
• Multiplayer (VBS)
• Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS/HLA)
• Live/Virtual/Constructive (LVC)
• Scene Content Generation
• Automatic construction of scene content from sensor data
• Dynamic Simulation with Real Time Performance:
• Procedural, rule-based simulation techniques
• Crowd and traffic behavior with reaction simulation
• Sensor data overlay of geospatial scenes
• Systems, Tools, and Technology Experience
• Programming: C++, OpenGL Shaders
• Renderers: OpenSceneGraph, Unity
• Legacy Image Generators

Wearable Soldier Training Systems

Squad-level infantry training in a completely immersive, untethered wearable system. Each live squad works together to engage computer opponents in simulated environments. Each avatar matches the player's body and weapon motion. This ASRI research transitioned to a Program of Record to provide breakthrough technology for the U.S. Army CCTT-DSTS program, with over 300 training systems fielded.
• Immersive, Untethered, Networked Squad Trainer, CG Opponents
• Head, Body, Weapon Tracking for Virtual Avatar
• Multi-sensor Simulation and Visualization
• Man Machine Interface Applications
• Mixed Augmented Reality
• Networked (Live Squad/OPFOR) Sims
• Body and Weapon Tracked Avatars
• Helmet Mounted Display & Wearable System Design

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