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Functional Areas


Vulnerability Scanning:
Vulnerability scanning identifies assets with known vulnerabilities present on your network. These unpatched systems present an easy to exploit attack surface to adversaries. Vulnerabilities identified by our solution should be patched immediately to reduce risk in your environment.

Incident Response:
If a skilled adversary compromises your network do you have the skills to eradicate the threat? Adapt Forward has perfected its hunt procedures with many years of experience responding to Department of Defense cyber incidents. Our tailored incident response service includes:

• Identification of Infection
• Isolation
• Forensic Analysis
• Reverse Engineering
• Eradication
• Implementation of Countermeasures to prevent reinfection

Cyber Hunt:
The Cyber Hunt service is designed for organizations that suspect a compromise but are unable to isolate the intrusion. Adapt Forward has developed custom solutions to temporarily drop in your environment to monitor, detect, and respond to malicious threat actors.


Penetration Testing:
Penetration tests come in a variety of flavors. We work with you to identify which test will help you meet your cyber security goals. Our penetration testing services include:

• Internal Network
• External Network
• Application
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Wireless
• Phishing

Adversarial Simulation:
Adapt Forward has years of experience supporting a NSA Certified Red Team. By simulating APT Actors, we test how well your computer network defense solutions and response procedures are at detecting/stopping nation state level adversaries. Our testing methodology tests every layer of your company’s security from the physical to the virtual.


Purple Teaming:
Using our same adversarial simulation methodology but we work directly with your company’s security operations team to design and build specific threat models to test the indicators of compromise built for your organization. We work directly with your organization’s IT security staff during the entire process.


Cyber Security Program Review:
A full review of your cyber security program. We will spend time evaluating your current computer network defense architecture, toolsets, configurations, and response processes to ensure your company is in the best possible position to defend itself against cyber attacks.

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