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York & Whiting

Top Agencies

• Over 20 years experience working with US Army, including direct support to US Army Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
• Provided SME-level Cyber Operations support to US Army and IINSCOM, including Offensive and Defense Cyber Operations
• Strong network of USA contacts, including HQ Army, TRADOC, IINSCOM, ICOE, DCGS-A, and Aberdeen Proving Ground

• Over 20 years experience working with US Navy, including DCGS-N, USPACFLT, FTG, and ONI Intelligence Liaison for PMW-120
• Performed systems engineering design and development activities in support of Navy Maritime Operations Centers (MOC)
• Growing network of USN contacts, including development insight into the USN Navy Sea Watch Data on C2S Pilot activities

• Over 15 years experience working with US Marines, including support to USMARFORPAC, III MEF, ITSFAC, and SSC-A
• Provided SME support during ISR interoperability events on utilization of DCGS-MC systems to conduct mission scenarios
• Growing network of USMC contacts with development insight into USMC GEOINT DCGS Modernization E-Hub Pilot

• Over 30 years experience supporting the US Air Force, including HQ ACC, AETC, AMC, AFMC, USAFE, and base-level activities
• In-depth Air Force knowledge, including C4ISR, AOC, TACS, logistics, numerous IT projects/programs, IAMD/BMD, and GCCS
• Exceptionally strong USAF network with insight into AF DCGS Real-time Analytics and the USAF FMV AWS/C2S Pilot (Cloud)

• Over 10 years of experience working with US Special Force, including DCGS-SOF, USSOCOM, and USSOCPAC
• Led efforts to assist USSOCOM and USSOCPAC demonstrate SOF interoperability with US Navy’s Battle DIB
• Growing network of SOF SMEs and analysts with insight into SOF modernization, including SOCOM DDIL Advanced Analytics

• Provided direct support to DIA, providing ESITA II intelligence support in the areas of enterprise integration, tactical-level operational observations, CONOPS/CBA/ICD development, and CSA support to numerous Departments and Agencies, including: US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marines, US Special Operations, Combatant Commands and JIOCs, Service Components, NGA, NSA, NRO, and MASINT, and Coalition/Partner Nations (FVEY)
• Growing network of DIA contacts with development insight into intelligence analytics and applied tools and methodologies

• Provided direct support to NRO, facilitating ISR demonstration, including: DCGS-A, DCGS-N, DCGS-MC, AF DCGS, DCGS-SOF, DCGS-IC, USARPAC, USPACFLT, USMARSOC, USPACAF, USSOCPAC, PACOM JIOC/J2 (KM), and Partner Nations (FVEY)
-Growing network of NRO contacts, including development insight into OUSDI Cloud-based Common Data Fabric (CDF) efforts

• Provided direct support to NSA, facilitating SIGINT ISR demonstration at annual NSA-hosted STORMFORCE events, including enterprise-interoperability and integration of USA, USAF, USN, USMC, USSOCOM/SOF, and IC activities
-York & Whiting, LLC, is an NSA-registered vendor with the NSA/IC ARC for NRO bid opportunities

• Provided direct support to NGA, facilitating multi-INT (SIGINT, GEOINT, HUMINT, OSINT) ISR demonstration at annual NGA- hosted ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE events, including enterprise integration of DCGS-A, DCGS-N, DCGS-MC, AF DCGS, DCGS-SOF, DCGS-IC, USARPAC, USPACFLT, USMARSOC, USPACAF, USSOCPAC, PACOM JIOC/J2 (KM), and Coalition/Partner Nations (FVEY)
-Growing network of NGA contacts, including development insight into NGA-developed VELOE and GIS-related activities

• Provided support to MASINT, facilitating detection, tracking, identification, and description of signatures of fixed and dynamic target sources during ISR demonstration, including NGA’s ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE and NSA’s STORMFORCE annual events
-Growing network of MASINT contacts with anticipated enterprise-level integration activities at BoldQuest and Unified Vision

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