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U.S. Census Bureau

2010 Project:
LED Telecommunications LAN Infrastructure team in preparation of 2010 Census.

​Measurable Outcomes:
• Upgraded the entire network infrastructure to support the 2010 data and performance requirements.
• Support new fiber op.c backbone between all major Census locations.
• Stood up 22, new sites for 20 Census.
• Allowed an accurate count of the population.

​2020 Project:
• Six Census Bureau Systems were at risk for OIG non-compliance.

Measurable Outcomes:
• Worked with client to achieve an acceptable rating by reverse engineering to obtain the proper documentation, without taking .me engineers from their day-to-day tasks. Systems were put into compliance, available for the 2020 Census.

​U.S Army

• Infrastructure Hardening.
• Client had a high-risk rating.

Measurable Outcomes:
• Conducted IV & V proactively that identified high-risk issue and worked with them, taking them from high-risk to acceptable rating.

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