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Since our founding in 2001, QVine has provided innovative solutions to our U.S. Federal Government customers, including the following recent projects:

• Caspian (Project Management Portal, 2020). Caspian is a project management portal used to support complex projects with hundreds of personnel. Caspian is meant to operate in the context of a large team of companies working together to meet contract requirements and deliverables. As such, Caspian includes a staffing module that uses competitive bidding to source the most cost-effective and qualified personnel resources to staff the project. In addition, there are modules for managing contracts and modification, project personnel, deliverables, travel and overtime approvals, subcontractor invoicing, project performance, metrics, and policies and general guidance.
• Sentry (Visitor Access Management, 2020). Sentry provides the ability to manage and track visitors accessing an organization’s facilities, personnel, and other assets. Sentry provides identity resolution and deconfliction, centralized visitor access management, and rich data visualizations including geospatial and associative.
• Camor (Responsible Human Review, 2019). Camor enables the Responsible Human Review (RHR) and deep content inspection of e-mail messages, and any associated attachments, that are to be released to external recipients. Camor’s RHR process involves verifying compliance with customer defined security policies through automated and manual methods. Camor scans e-mail messages and associated attachments for compliance with customer defined security policies, identifies and highlights customer defined “stop words”, identifies any meta-data or hidden data in files, and reports and highlights the compliance results for human review and adjudication. In addition, Camor provides an adjudication workflow for the approval or rejection of the e-mail messages along with notifications of status and adjudication results to the originators and reviewers involved.
• Condor (Active Data Hubs, 2019). Condor enables better situational awareness and rapid decision making by creating a unified, integrated data supply chain with Active Data Hubs across all domains (Areas, Agencies, Geographies, Allies & Partners) with secure data transfer between all environments (TS, S, U, .gov, .mil, .com, tactical, etc.) Condor is an enterprise scale Integrated Data Management platform that enables multi-domain operations activities including real-time data collection, validation and analysis, AI/ML based human augmented decision making; data security, identity and trusted access; and real-time communication to multiple organizations via a decentralized network. Condor was selected from over 300 solutions to be showcased at AFWERX Fusion 2019 in support of the Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) initiative.
• Hawk (Secure Data Transfer, 2019). Hawk provides a proven Cross Domain Solution (CDS) that is compliant with the National Security Agency (NSA) ‘Raise the Bar’ guidelines and is assessed and authorized by the National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO). Hawk transfers data in a proven, secure way between environments of different classification levels. The ability to use a proven, secure cross domain capability enables seamless use of data from a diverse array of data sources across multiple disparate and geographically dispersed networks. Condor was also selected to be showcased at AFWERX Fusion 2019 in support of the Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) initiative.
• Devidia (City System of Systems Intelligence, 2018). Recent trends toward urbanization decrease the effectiveness of the current military targeting cycle and challenge the military intelligence enterprise when innovative opportunists present themselves as terrorists within cities. SOFWERX was seeking a new analytical methodology, unbound from state sovereignty presumptions, to understand and identify vulnerabilities that exist within the structure of cities to preempt innovative opportunists from disrupting social order. QVine developed a solution using Soar to collect publicly available information about cities of interest and analyze the complex adaptive social environments to identify where conflict is likely concentrated in the future. The system uses a visualization known to economists as the Production Possibility Frontier (PPF) where the X axis represents Capability of the City and the Y axis represents the Will of the City. A key assumption is the City seeks to grow and each of the sub-systems will attempt to migrate toward the point of optimal efficiency. The system is continually updated with new data, so users can also see the City evolution over time.
• Dozaria (Open Source Intelligence Sentiment Analysis, 2018). Dozaria provides an open source and publicly available data collection and analysis capability focused on sentiment analysis of internet-originated content such as Web sites and social media. Dozaria collects open source information in thirteen foreign languages, translates the collected content, performs sentiment analysis, and presents the results to users in an intuitive manner with advanced data visualizations. Users define collection jobs by identifying target sources, setting collection frequency and schedules, and configuring other settings to ensure the collection meets their specific requirements.

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