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Rubix LS is a biotechnology research and development firm, delivering services, products and data to support an expanding understanding of patient, disease, policy, and the environment around us.
Infectious Disease Capabilities
Rubix LS has helped transform 1.3M data sets for rare and infectious diseases to better understand epidemiology, etiology, pathogenecity, mutagenecity, disease vector analysis, inferential analysis, chimeric analysis, animal to human evolution and more.

Rubix LS has worked on more than 150,000 infectious disease profiles, with deep analytics, that has led to the development of 40 successful clinical trial platforms for unnamed infectious diseases, as well as infectious diseases from:

• Ebola Zaire I/II
• Legionnaire's
• Listeria
• Norovirus
• Q-Fever
• Trichomoniasis
• Zika

and more.

Our 48,000 sq ft labs located in Southeast US and Middle America have supported and characterized over 1.5 GB of infectious disease trends, as well as characterization data sets that stemmed from infant to mature mutation development and hybridization of environmental influences.

When it's time to discuss getting to the root of eradicating infectious disease, the mission of Rubix LS is to involve as many proactive measurements as possible to ensure we eradicate disease strains that may of impact daily lives.

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