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Adapt Forward

When you depend on Industry to be your silver bullet, your organization is at risk. There is no way for you to measure your organization’s true security posture, because the very appliances and security solutions you depend upon rely on proprietary logic.

So, how do you know what you are protected against?

​ANSWER: You don’t.

Reality is that your organization is at risk of being pwned, or it already is.

Another reality is that even if errors are in your network, you can’t detect them.
We can.


We focus on post compromise behaviors. Behaviors like our friends at MITRE have outlined in their ATT&CK Matrix.

By evaluating whether your current toolsets can catch the type of post compromise behaviors as outlined in ATT&CK, we can tell what your organization is protected against, and what is not.

We then work with you to fill those identified gaps. By developing a mature purple hunt capability, which blends offensive and defensive cyber skill-sets, your organization will know with 100% certainty where its true security posture stands.

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