STAHL Consulting Program Manages a BiC-1, LLC (JV), a cohesive Channel of Small Businesses.  STAHL uses its primary Market Research, GAP and FIT Methodology and Business Analysis to identify Best-in-Class Companies to serve its Government Customers' mission requirements, with a broad depth of Capabilities and Capacities.  Key areas are Past Performance, Strong CPARS Ratings and Financial Capability that can be brought to bear on Task Orders of any size.


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Adapt Forward
Bravo Tango
Edge Digital
IAMUS Consulting
QVine Corporation
Upslope Advisors
York & Whiting
Advanced Simulation Research, Inc.
DV United
Endeavor Consulting Group
Invex Technology Solutions
Spectrum Comm
Veteran Engineering and Technology
Applied Technology Academy
Data Architect
Global Tunnels
K3 Solutions
Pink Summit
YSL Technologies
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